Northern Canada

The Best of Northern Canada

After crisscrossing the country we've made it to Canada's north to see everything this beautiful region made up of Yukon, Nunavut and The Northwest Territories, has to offer.

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The Peak's Northern Canada Power Players


Alastair Smith

A multiple founder, Alastair cut his teeth designing and implementing digital strategies for brands like Disney, Universal Music, Miramax Entertainment in the early 2000's. His love for sport and the outdoors, and belief that you can build a world changing company from anywhere in the world, led him and his wife to Whitehorse Yukon. Alastair's current company,, is helping endurance and gravity sport athletes train smarter and improve faster. This year alone,'s customers won over 100 world cup medals in alpine skiing.

Partner at Kryotek Arctic Innovation

Astrid Grawehr

Since 2012, Astrid has managed Kryotek Arctic Innovation Inc., a Yukon company active in the product development, geotechnical, geophysical ground imaging, mineral exploration and climate change mitigation industries. In 2015, Astrid made Partner and became a shareholder in Kryotek.

Founder and President, Neighbourly North

Ben Pereira

Ben is an avid traveller, ex-Investment Banker,  proud Northern Canadian and founder of Neighbourly North.

CEO, Proof

Ben Sanders

From the BlackBerry, to the Canadarm, to fundamental physics at CERN, as a Waterloo engineer, Ben has helped contribute to some of Canada's most advanced tech at home and abroad. As an entrepreneur, Ben has helped launch 3 venture-backed tech startups (including Presto, Clearco, & Proof). And as a government geek, he has helped advance policy within 3 government space agencies, 2 divisions of the United Nations, the Canadian Urban Institute, and the Yukon Government.


Camilo Rivera

Camilo Rivera is president of, Camilo believes organizations should nurture long term relationships with employees, clients, partners and all its members through their own community, where knowledge sharing, collaboration and the understanding of the unique needs of individuals is a priority.

Founder, Free Pour Jenny's

Jennifer Tyldesley

In 2015, Jennifer retired from her career as a military pilot and airline pilot, she launched Free Pour Jenny's in 2016, combining her interests in mixology, foraging, gardening and alchemy.

Partner, Kryotek Artic Innovation

Jim Coates

Jim is a product developer, tester, and a partner in Kryotek Arctic Innovation and Skookum Gear Trials. Jim's background is in arctic geotechnical engineering, permafrost and climate change science and mineral exploration.

Founder and CEO, Yukon Soaps Company

Joella Hogan

Joella is the founder and CEO of the Yukon Soaps Company where she creates handcrafted soaps that honour indigenous ways of knowing and being. Yukon Soaps use plants from the boreal forest and gives back to support the community.

Principal, Co-Founder, OUTFRNT

Joshua Callahan

Originally from Prince George B.C., Josh moved to the Yukon to start his entrepreneurial journey after a decade of leadership and management in banking throughout B.C's interior. He has a significant appreciation for community-based businesses, being a resident of Marsh Lake. Josh is a creative and strategic thinker, a firm and fair leader, and a passionate entrepreneur.

Department Head, Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Yukon University

Lauren Manekin Beille

Lauren and her team at Yukon University, the only Canadian University north of 60, are catalysts of the Yukon's entrepreneurial ecosystem. I&E works day in and day out to support Yukon's innovators and entrepreneurs explore and develop risky and uncertain ideas from concept to prototype to commercialization through growth and scaling via funding, networking, expertise, and educational programming.

Executive Director, Yukon Women in Trades and Technology

Liz Peredun

Liz (she/her) is the Program Coordinator and the incoming Executive Director of Yukon Women in Trades and Technology. YWITT is a non-profit organization in the Yukon Territory focused on education, advocacy and support for women and non-binary folks in skilled trades and technology careers.

Founder, Yukon Grow

Michel Duteau

Michel is a professional biologist with an agricultural background and years of experience in soil sciences, on a mission to increase food sovereignty in the North.

Co-owner at Yukon Built

Myles Hougen

Myles is a fourth generation Yukoner and entrepreneur, and his love for the North runs deep. Developed alongside his brother, Tanner, Yukon Built is a brand of quality goods & apparel inspired by this incredible community and Territory.

Founder, YZED Projects

Wendy Morrison

Wendy has decades of experience in nonprofit management and board experience working with innovative teams and organizations. She lives in a world of what’s possible.

Co-Founder, Start Yukon

William Lechuga

William is a tech entrepreneur, executive and accidental educator. He is passionate about building Collaborative Innovation Networks. With a group of tech entrepreneurs he co-founded Start Yukon an economic development agency.

Executive Director, Tech Yukon

Ziad Sahid

Ziad Sahid is the Executive Director of TechYukon. During his time at TechYukon he has provided support and advocated on behalf of local tech businesses, planned events and workshops essential to the growth of the local tech industry, built partnerships with other non-profits to help youth with skill development in the tech fields, and worked with new tech startup’s and entrepreneurs to help grow their business. Before TechYukon he worked with entrepreneurs on various projects related to food security, cold climate construction, and alternative energy.

The Peak's Fast Growing Northern Canadian Businesses


Apprendo is a training and collaboration platform that brings your organisation together around shared knowledge. To help your learners excel, we provide tools that turn every interaction into an opportunity to grow. Our platform measures how well employees integrate new skills. It also helps your managers accurately shape online events and programs. With us, every online course and certification is a chance to create healthy lasting change.

Free Pour Jenny's

Free Pour Jenny’s creates small-batch, handcrafted cocktail bitters, tonic syrups, and shrubs using homegrown and wild, foraged ingredients in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory (in northern Canada). These unique bitters received nine medals at the 2021 Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition.

Kryotek Arctic Innovation

Kryotek is an award winning product development company located in Whitehorse, Yukon. The company focuses on developing solutions in the environmental tech sector with current projects including automated early warning forest fire electronics, permafrost sensors combined with machine learning and edge analytics, as well as environmental sampling systems. Kryotek has successfully developed and licesensed products now sold and in use across North America.

Neighbourly North

Neighbourly North is leading the second wave of the sharing economy, and creating the future of lodging North of 60°.

Our managed marketplace facilitates branded, quality-controlled short-term rentals, that solve for the industry’s largest pain points in small town North America.

The guest experience is packaged together from payment to check-out, and delivered seamlessly with technology, without fail.


OUTFRNT provides customized business development services through advisory and consultation. Their remote and digital services allow them to work with anyone, anywhere. They draws on a diverse range of industry experience and professional networks. OUTFRNT's clients are growth-focused business people, future-driven organizations, and progressive, forward-thinking institutions.


Proof empowers governments to go paperless by streamlining approvals, digitizing forms, signing with a single click, and improving data-driven decisions - all in one central software platform designed specifically for government. Proof is working with governments at all levels across the country and onboarding a new federal department every month. is helping the world's endurance and gravity sport athletes train smarter and improve faster.'s software helps amateur and elite athletes by giving them unique insights into the data they are already collecting. Our customers are cyclists, alpine and nordic skiers, and runners, spanning 12 countries. In alpine skiing alone, our customers won over 100 world cup medals in this past season.

Yukon Built

Yukon Built is a brand of quality goods & apparel inspired by this incredible community and Territory.

Yukon Grow

YukonGrow was established as an online garden store in summer 2020, and ramping up to an exceptional season in 2021! Growing food, working the dirt, landscaping and creating healthy soils have always been stupendous sources of pride and pleasure, and this comes with heighted therapeutic and security benefits in the covid context. YukonGrow offers services and products related to grow amendments, grow media and soil blends. For instance soil analysis and advising to optimize the grow conditions, and products such as compost, peat moss, locally-sourced manure, and gardening blends adapted to the unique conditions of the North. Flagship product is biochar, and they insist on boosting the organic matter content and nurturing beneficial microorganisms to build a healthy, living soil.

The Peak's Northern Canadian Businesses Giving Back

Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Yukon University

Yukon University's Innovation & Entrepreneurship Department, the only Canadian University north of 60, is a catalyst of the Yukon's entrepreneurial ecosystem. I&E works day in and day out to support Yukon's innovators and entrepreneurs explore and develop risky and uncertain ideas from concept to prototype to commercialization through growth and scaling via funding, networking, expertise, and educational programming.

Lumel Studios

Lumel Studios is a glass blowing studio with a gallery, two online stores and workshop opportunities for Yukoner’s and tourists from 5 to 100 years old.

Founded by Luann Baker-Johnson and her husband/high school sweetheart Mel in 2016, Lumel may seem at first like a place to buy hand-made glass. Once you get deeper, you realize that Lumel is an ongoing story about creations role in happiness, the human experience and connection.

Start Yukon

Start Yukon is the lead economic development agency for knowledge-based industries in Canada's North, facilitating economic growth and job creation in Yukon. Our vision is the creation of a technology industry for the north, to attract promising startup founders to the territory and to make Yukon a global hub for innovation. We are on a mission to build an ecosystem of 500 strong startups by 2030

Tech Yukon

TechYukon is non-profit industry society that advocates on behalf of local tech businesses. TechYukon’s mandate is to grow the local tech industry through advocacy, networking, and business development for its members. The organization has also partnered with various other non-profits and NGO’s to bring awareness of the talent and services available within Yukon’s local tech industry and to help with skill development in the tech fields.

The Yukon Soaps Company

Indigenous owned and operated, The Yukon Soaps Company creates beautiful, hand-crafted soaps, shampoo bars, essential oil blends, and so much more. Featuring wild rose petals, juniper berries, a Yukon-shaped press, and the beadwork of Indigenous artisans, these soaps are literally infused and imprinted with the spirit of the Yukon. The business is guided by traditional principles based on compassion for others and helping people on their journey of transformation into their best self.

Western Arctic Youth Collective

WAYC strives to create opportunities to prepare and support ongoing development to improve the lives of youth ages 18-35 years old. The purpose of this collective is to empower youth to be changemakers by providing a platform of youth-led collaborative initiatives and partnerships in their communities.

YZED Projects

YZED Projects is a Yukon-based, women-led social innovation company. We believe that value-driven organizations are the heart and soul of our communities. After decades working in nonprofit management, Founder Wendy Morrison launched YZED Projects to curate adaptive solutions that make their work more effective and impactful. Working with nonprofits, businesses and governments, we focus on accelerating impact by supporting organizations to thrive. This past year, we supported Yukon nonprofit teams through the COVID-19 pandemic by garnering government commitment for Yukon's social recovery plan, launching a sector advisory council, and coaching teams to address their immediate needs and response to the pandemic.

Yukon Women in Trades and Technology

YWITT is a non-profit organization in the Yukon Territory focused on education, advocacy and support for women and non-binary folks in skilled trades and technology careers. YWITT runs public awareness and experiential programming for women and girls, conducts research to advocate for systems change and supports a community of women active in trades and technology careers.