The Best of the Prairies

The Peak team has (virtually) left the west coast in our rear view mirror, and here we are in the Prairies! It's not all grass and shrubs here. In fact, it's home to fast-growing companies, and meaningful non-profits.

Thank you to our partners for supporting this project

The Peak's Prairie Power Players

Director, Upside Down Tree

Aly Raposo

Aly is an award winning Mental health & Human rights advocacy speaker. Her initiatives have earned her some tremendous awards in the past few years including:  The University of Manitoba Emerging Leader Award in 2018, CBC Manitoba Future 40 finalist in 2017, YMCA-YWCA Young Woman of Distinction Award in 2017 and the Achievement Award Art’s Celebrating Art’s at the University of Manitoba in 2017.  

Founder, I am Love

Amy Tung

I Am Love Project was born out of a desire to help and give back. The socially conscious enterprise began in 2018 – led by Amy's calling of reaching out and supporting others, including smaller local charities who lack funding.

President, Farmers Edge

Anita Wortzman

Anita  has provided services to  Farmers Edge since 2011, and has served as President since April 2018. Prior to joining Anita acted as Chief Executive Officer of Acumen Corporate Development Inc.

Founder, Upside Down Tree

Carmyn Aleshka

Through the Upside Down Tree, Carmyn, her partner Peter, and their family have collectively focused their passions into six areas of support, creating the “Tree of Support” which focuses on causes and areas in need that are important to their family.

Founder and CEO, Callia Flowers

Catherine Metrycki

Catherine Metrycki is the Founder and CEO of Callia Flowers, disrupting the floral industry in 55 cities across Canada with the best new experience sending flowers: online ordering, 3 seasonal bouquets at a time, and a signature blue box.

Co-Founder and CEO, Permission Click

Chris Johnson

Chris is a technology entrepreneur with a wide range of experience in sales, business planning, funding, and managing technical teams from ideation to commercialization.

Co-Founder, Chekkit

Daniel Fayle

Daniel is the co-founder of  Chekkit, a Winnipeg startup redefining the way local businesses interact with customers, ultimately increasing customer acquisition and retention.

Project Director, Winnipeg Boldness Project

Diane Roussin

Diane Roussin is the Project Director for The Winnipeg Boldness Project. Diane is an Anishinaabe community leader passionately committed to the pursuit of mino bimaadiziwin (the good life) for all families and children and is a proud member of Skownan First Nation.

CTO, Good Local

E.J. Mina

E.J. began his career in tech managing product for Hippo CMMS, a local Winnipeg SaaS company. After moving away for a few years he moved back to Winnipeg at the start of the pandemic and found a new home with Good Local.

Founder, LeClair Media

Jeremy Leclair

Jeremy is a Canadian based marketing professional, commercial photographer and the Founder/ Creative Director of LeClair Media. During the pandemic he founded a coffee importing business, LeClair Organics.

Founder and CEO, RocketRez

John Pendergrast

John has been developing software in the Tours and Attractions space for close to 15 years and is deeply knowledgeable about operations in many verticals. John founded RocketRez in 2012 and kept iterating the product until a complete redesign in 2015 led to finding the “Wow Factor” with customers. He has operated as a Founder, CEO and active software developer from the beginning.

CEO, 7shifts

Jordan Boesch

Jordan's goal is to help improve happiness and efficiency in the workplace—and to share knowledge about how technology and innovation can do the same.

Managing Director, Gryd

Josh Glow

Josh is a quick thinking business professional with an interest in Proptech andCleantech startups. He is currently driving property tech forward leading Gryd.

Host and Producer, Start Canada Podcast

Margaux Miller

Margaux is  the Host and Producer of Start Canada Podcast, where she interviews start-up founders, innovators, and thought leaders from the heart of Canada, talking entrepreneurship, leadership, mental health, and investment - finding out the real story of how they launched and grew their big idea.

CEO, ioAirFlow

Matt Schaubroeck

Matt Schaubroeck is the CEO of ioAirFlow. After starting the company during his MBA at the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba, with a focus on entrepreneurship.

Founder and CEO, Good Local

Obby Khan

After his 9-year CFL career with the Bombers, Renegades, and Stampeders, Obby made Winnipeg his home, and has kept busy carving out a name in the restaurant scene. He founded Shawarma Khan, Three Green Carrot Juice Company, and now Good Local.

Founder, The Urban Citizen

Taylor Hahn

Taylor founded The Urban Citizen to to showcase amazing small-business brands located in North America from women of all backgrounds.

President, Rising Stars Foundation

Wilfred Sam-King Jr.

Wilfred a refugee from war torn Sierra Leone is a proud Canadian entrepreneur, community leader, and elite athlete. He is passionate about philanthropy and utilizes his vast athletic, academic, and personal networks to build strong partnerships.

Co-Founder and CEO, Bold Commerce

Yvan Boisjoli

Yvan began his career as a programmer in 2004, and then started a software consulting company with clients including IBM and the Government of Canada. In 2013, his entrepreneurial drive led him to pursue a gap in the eCommerce market, co-founding Bold Commerce.

The Peak's Fast Growing Prairie Businesses


7shifts is a labor management software designed for restaurants. We help managers and operators spend less time and effort scheduling their staff, reduce their monthly labor costs and streamline team communication. The result is simplified labor management, one shift at a time.

Bold Commerce

Based in Winnipeg, Bold provides innovative ecommerce technology to 90,000+ brands in more than 170 countries around the world.

Callia Flowers

Callia has created a new experience for sending flowers in Canada. Female-founded, and started in the prairies of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Callia aims to make incredible experiences in cities across Canada for both the sender and the recipient, so that every moment is special.

Farmers Edge

Farmers Edge is dedicated to developing technology to increase production and help customers grow more with less. We give you everything farmers need to get value from farm data, manage risks and maximize profitability.


Gryd is committed to driving property tech forward. GrydDigital uses cutting-edge media technology to market properties, and the newly launched GrydPark app will change the way you feel about parking, enabling drivers to find and pre-book parking spots.

Permission Click

Permission Click is an enterprise-grade policy compliance and workflow automation solution for K-12 institutions. We help school districts in over 50 countries to accelerate digital transformation by digitizing and automating forms, approvals, and workflow processes in a single trusted platform.


PriceRazzi is a software company that provides Backend-as-a-Service (BasS) technology for financial institutions who want to seamlessly add new features and value to their customer-focused apps and digital platforms.


RocketRez is an all-in-one, cloud-based management software for Tours and Attractions, based in Steinbach, Manitoba.. Using an industry-leading API and cloud-based platform, customers can manage all revenue streams while improving margins and operational efficiency.


ioAirFlow’s analysis platform identifies performance and efficiency issues in commercial buildings. Their tool saves customers time spent on analyzing data and drafting reports, which reduces their labour costs by an average of 30% per building tested. ioAirflow is currently conducting a financing on Fundable.

The Peak's Prairie Businesses Giving Back


GoodLocal makes it easy for local buyers and sellers to reach each other, because the company believes that a thriving community of growers, makers and merchants is the heartbeat of any great city.

I AM LOVE Project

I Am Love Project provides extra financial assistance to women when they need it most to help them find community, purpose, and hope. Help them provide meals and fill the pantry of 1 Just City this Mother's Day through the purchase of our Mother's Day Box, a thoughtfully curated box with everything mom needs for Mother's Day.

Rising Stars Foundation

Rising Stars empowers youth from underserved communities by supporting, developing, and mentoring young student leaders from all backgrounds through education.

The Urban Citizen

The Urban Citizen was established in May 2020 with the intent of showcasing amazing small-business brands located in North America, with a focus on best-in-class fashion and beauty items in our boutique for women of all backgrounds. The Urban Citizen also donates 15% of net Featured Product sales to a new cause each month.

The Winnipeg Boldness Project

The Winnipeg Boldness Project is an initiative that seeks to create large-scale systems change for children and families in Winnipeg’s Point Douglas neighbourhood. The Project uses tools and processes from the practice of social innovation to develop community-driven solutions to create better outcomes for the neighbourhood's residents.

Upside Down Tree

​The Upside Down Tree (UDT) is a private family foundation that looks to champion groups that are passionate, hard-working and have a clear vision.  We provide funding, mentorship, connections, and business expertise to help charities get off the ground.