The Best of Quebec

The Peak team has (virtually) left the prairies and cruised right past Ontario, the so-called 'centre of the universe.' Now we're stopping in La Belle Province. Quebec's home to some of Canada's most exciting businesses including recently TSX listed Dialogue and upstarts like Billdr.

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The Peak's Quebec Power Players

Biz Dev, Sama

Alex Shee

Alex is a Global Business Development leader working on building an AI business ecosystem around Sama's platform through partnerships and corporate development. He is spearheading growth in Montreal by increasing the company's presence from 15 to 75 this year. He was selected as one of the top 4 business development and sales leaders in tech globally in 2020's Anchor List.

CEO, Billdr

Bertrand Nembot

Before founding Billdr, Bertrand oversaw Branch's global expansion strategy analyzing the fintech global landscape in LatAm, SEA, CEE, MENA. At Uber he oversaw markets in Canada, Africa and Europe. Branch and he began his career in strategic consulting at KPMG.

Founder and CEO, Perceiv AI

Christian Dansereau

Christian has 8 years of experience in machine-learning research for neuroimaging and medical data. He has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Montreal and a Master in Biomedical Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from McGill University.

General Manager, Dialogue

Christophe Rutyna

Christophe is General Manager at Dialogue, the leading virtual care provider in Canada founded in Montreal 5 years ago and now a public company serving millions. He’s leading their Optima division and played a key role in the company hyper-growth pre and post pandemic. Prior to Dialogue, he helped Uber launch and scale its ride-sharing service in Quebec then Canada.

Managing Partner, Boreal Ventures

David Charbonneau

David is a venture capital investor specialized in Deeptech (industrial technologies, artificial intelligence, enterprise SaaS, semiconductor, computer vision, IoT, medtech, cleantech and energy. Prior to founding Boreal Ventures, David worked at BDC Capital where he helped manage a $135M early-stage venture fund.

Executive Director, V1 Studio

Diana Horqque

Diana Horqque is the Executive Director at V1 Studio, an organization that partners with Canada's best scientific entrepreneurs to bring their research from lab to market through the convergence of emerging technologies, science and leadership.

Co-Founder and CTO, Zilia

Dominic Sauvageau

Dominic has extensive experience working for the development of new technologies in industrial and academic environments for applications in biotechnology and bioengineering. In addition to being CTO at Zilia, he is associate Professor in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Alberta. Dominic has a strong background and expertise in academic and industrial bioengineering.

CTO, Deeplite

Ehsan Saboori

Ehsan is a passionate entrepreneur and technologist whose research formed the technology vision that is the core of Deeplite. A published Ph.D., he combines years of industry experience, a strong team and cutting-edge research to create lightweight intelligence.

Co-Founder and CEO, OVA

Harold Dumur

Harold Dumur is the CEO and Co-founder of OVA. After setting up initial funds and participating in  the HEC Montreal-National Bank Accelerator program, he spent times in Shenzhen on the ViveX Accelerator, winning the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Summit pitch contest. Since then, Harold has participated in several VR/AR summits as a key speaker.

CTO, Nexam

Hubert Perron

Hubert is a creative and competent full-stack developer who leads Nexam's tech as CTO.

Co-Founder and CEO, Puzzle Medical

Jade Doucet-Martineau

Jade is the Co-Founder and CEO of Puzzle Medical, a Canadian company specializing in the development of a low-risk heart pump for high-risk patients. Puzzle Medical empowers patients with a mechanical hemodynamic support option that increases accessibility, improves quality of life and reduces hospitalizations.

Public Relations and Government Affairs, Dialogue

Jean-Christophe De Le Rue

Jean-Christophe is one of Quebec’s top public affairs professionals. He has been at the heart of some of Quebec’s most important public policy issues in the last few years. He notably handled communications and government relations for Uber in Quebec during the most challenging period and was instrumental in making Uber regulated in 2019. More recently he joined Dialogue as the director of public and government relations where he is working collaboratively with governments across Canada as they aim to make their healthcare systems more efficient.

Co-Founder and CEO, Ditch Labs

Laurent Laferriere

Laurent is a serial entrepreneur, direct-to-consumer enthusiast and brand builder. He is the co-founder of Ditch Labs, a precision medicine startup aiming to help 1 billion people quit smoking by redefining Nicotine Replacement Therapy using AI. He previously co-founded Oatbox.

CEO, Timechain

Louis Cleroux

Louis is a serial and a fintech entrepreneur specialized in decentralized finance. His latest startup, Timechain, is incrementally improving financial by using blockchain and AI technologies. Louis has helped more than a dozen public companies with innovation and regulation around new products in the fintech space. His field of expertise is tied to finance, compliance, and decentralized finance

Co-Founder and CEO, Oxio

Marc-André Campagna

Marc dropped out of Law School to focus full-time on Oxio when they raised their first round of funding. In less than 2 years, oxio has already raised more than $11M, from notorious investors like YCombinator, Kima Ventures, WndrCo, Dispatch Ventures, and many others.

CEO, Aifred Health

Marina Massingham

A serial entrepreneur with a background in management consulting, consumer goods and pharmaceuticals, Marina joined Aifred as professional CEO in early 2019. Marina shares, along with the rest of the Aifred team, a true passion for applying AI to revolutionize the care of patients struggling with mental health conditions.


Maxie Lafleur

Maxie Lafleur is a young and talented business leader. In the summer of 2019 she joined as CFO. Only 10 months after joining the company, Maxie became CEO of just as the pandemic hit. Thanks to her quick decision-making with the team and her collaborative leadership style, Maxie got through the worst of the crisis. The company is now well positioned to become a major player in on-demand transportation.

Co-Founder and CEO, Zilia

Patrick Sauvageau

As a trained optometrist, Patrick puts his in-depth understanding of the clinical care to the development of innovative technologies to revolutionize eye care and prevent vision loss. He is continuously contributing to clinical and innovative technological advancements to the field.

CEO, Waverly

Philippe Beaudoin

Philippe is a venture scientist constantly looking for ideas that can improve society. In 2020, he co-founded Waverly where his team and him are building a discovery engine for our increasingly diverse social and content landscapes. Waverly relies on natural language and Empathetic AI to let users express their real human goals. Before that, in 2016, Philippe co-founded Element AI, a world leader in enterprise AI. Philippe holds a PhD from University of Montreal, was a researcher at University of British Columbia and spent the last 20 years honing his technological and leadership skills, including half a decade at Google.

President, BrainBox AI

Sam Ramadori

Sam Ramadori is the President at BrainBox AI, playing a vital role in BrainBox AI’s rapid expansion and global adoption - including the $12M Pre-Series A funding round Sam led and secured in April 2020.

owner, jeane & jax

Silvia Gallo

jeane & jax is a Canadian fashion brand dedicated to sustainable style and fashion, based in Montréal, Quebec. Founded in 2014, they design luxury vegan handbags, footwear, and will be expanding their collection to outerwear fall 2020. jeane & jax is proud to offer consumers an affordable high-end alternative to animal leather. Cruelty-free, socially responsible and inclusive fashion are at the core of the brand.

Co-Founder and COO, Valence Discovery

Therence Bois

Therence is the Co-Founder and COO of Valence Discovery, a startup that uses machine learning to accelerate every step of new drug discovery.

CEO, Silofit

Wilfred Valenta

Wilfred Valenta is an internet entrepreneur and inventor with 10 years’ experience in the technology sector. He holds a BCom, Double Major in Finance & Economics from McGill University and is a 2X Quebec Enterprise Award Winner, Montreal Inc Grant Recipient, Enterprize Canada Award Recipient, Winner of Fundica 2019, YES Entrepreneur Member of The Month, Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee, Arista Award Nominee, and recognized panelist at the McGill University Entrepreneurship Society.

CEO, Mechasys

William St-Pierre

William is the CEO of Mechasys, an advanced optics & photonics company that developed a unique 3D positioning technology that displays augmented reality without glasses within the millimeter accuracy level.

The Peak's Fast Growing Quebec Businesses

Aifred Health

Aifred Health is a Montreal-based company focusing on clinical decision support in mental health, starting with depression. We support physicians in making better treatment decisions for their patients, with the goal of getting more patients to remission and getting those patients to remission faster. Aifred has developed a world-class AI approach to personalization of treatment selection and is currently one of the top 3 Finalist teams in the world competing in the five-year $5M Global IBM Watson AI XPRIZE.


Axya is a comprehensive outsourcing platform that helps companies to source their custom and non-recurring metalworking parts 10 times faster than with conventional methods. Axya's marketplace also allows buyers to discover new suppliers and instantly work with them on custom contracts. It is the easiest and fastest solution for managing your manufacturing supply chain.

Boreal Ventures

Boreal Ventures supports Quebec’s most promising deep tech start-ups from pre-seed up to Series A. Created alongside Centech, one of Canada’s largest applied science incubator, our $26M fund strives to build bridges with local and international investors alike and become a partner of choice in the Canadian landscape.

BrainBox AI

BrainBox AI was created in 2017 with the goal of redefining building automation through artificial intelligence to be at the forefront of a green building revolution. Using deep learning, BrainBox identifies every potential improvement opportunity in a building's HVAC system and acts on it, requiring no human intervention. With this technology, buildings can achieve up to 25% reduction in energy costs, reducing the carbon footprint of a building by 20-40%. is a managed marketplace and network of local bus operators powered by technology for on-demand passenger transportation using its flexible fleet. aims to empower communities, transit authorities and bus operators to move people and move with people.


Deeplite is enabling AI for everyday life. We use AI to automatically make other AI models smaller, faster, and more energy-efficient, creating highly compact, high-performance deep neural networks that can run at the “edge” in vehicles, cameras, sensors, drones, phones and many other devices you use every day.


Dialogue was founded in 2016 with the mission to reduce barriers to excellent healthcare. Dialogue is the leading Canadian virtual care provider focused exclusively on organizations (B2B) and understands the unique needs of HR professionals and business leaders, which has helped fuel its growth as it signed significant new business and insurer partnerships. In March 2021, Dialogue completed a successful IPO on the TSX, under the ticker symbol: CARE.

Ditch Labs

Ditch is a precision medicine company aiming to help over 1 billion people quit smoking by revolutionizing Nicotine Replacement Therapy. The Ditch platform is the first Nicotine De-addiction Therapy™, successfully treating both physical and psychological addiction to nicotine.

Go Coconut

Go Coconut manufactures 100% Canadian ready-to-play furniture that enables kids to stay active at home while developing their creativity. The Coconut consists of 4 modular pieces that, when assembled, can make a couch for the entire family. But the same pieces also have superpowers: they can transform into anything the mind desires; from rocket ships, to castles and everything in between - the possibilities are endless! Go Coconut was founded at the end of 2020 and has already delivered play couches everywhere across Canada: from Quebec to Nunavut. It's keeping kids active at home and adults' couches safe from destruction.


William is the CEO of Mechasys, an advanced optics & photonics company that developed a unique 3D positioning technology that displays augmented reality without glasses within the millimeter accuracy level. Mechasys’ proprietary technology can drastically improve productivity and quality in industrial applications by eliminating measuring and rework.


Nexam is a web-based platform enabling design, administration and marking of secure online exams. With its flexible parameters, Nexam adapts to the needs of organizations by offering all types of exams, questionnaires and levels of monitoring. Founded in 2019, Solution Nexam is growing. Over the past few months, more than 10,000 exams have been written on the platform aimed at the organizational and educational sector, whether for certification, hiring or membership in a professional group or order.


StellarX is OVA’s AI-enabled immersive content creation platform for non-programmer and non-technical end-users. Content created with StellarX can be deployed in augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality and Desktop environments as well, offering the possibility for cross-platform collaboration.


oxio is building a software-first Internet Service Provider (ISP) with the ambition to change the global telecommunication landscape with its seamless connectivity-as-a-service platform.  One of the fastest growing companies in Canada, they now have close to 20,000 subscribers and their services will be available in Ontario in May.


Perceiv is an AI-driven precision medicine spinoff from Mila institute that focuses on solving some of the most impactful problems in healthcare touching millions of lives. We accelerate and de-risk clinical trials to bring life-saving therapies into patient's hands by forecasting how they evolve in time and respond to treatment.

Puzzle Medical Device

Puzzle Medical empowers patients with a mechanical hemodynamic support option that increases accessibility, improves quality of life and reduces hospitalizations. To date, Puzzle Medical has completed in-vivo preclinical implantations with tremendous success, a financing round from clinicians, entrepreneurs and VCs across the world, and received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Breakthrough Device Designation.


Sama is the leading AI Data Labelling platform trusted by Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers in tier one tech organizations like Google, Walmart and Nvidia. It is the only AI B Corp company with a social mission of using AI to break the cycle of poverty for women and youth. It has helped over 55,000 people lift themselves out of poverty while making data a competitive advantage for its customers.


Timechain, is incrementally improving financial by using blockchain and AI technologies. Louis has helped more than a dozen public companies with innovation and regulation around new products in the fintech space. His field of expertise is tied to finance, compliance, and decentralized finance.

Valence Discovery

Valence Discovery uses machine learning to accelerate every step of new drug discovery. Valence, which was spun out of Mila and only recently came out of stealth, is already collaborating with several of the world's leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies to accelerate the discovery of life-saving treatments for the patients who need them most.


Waverly is a deep tech artificial intelligence company building a discovery engine for your better self. Our Empathetic AI understands you based on your waves: short paragraphs in which you express your preferences in natural language. From there we let you explore content from any source, creating an experience that fuels your curiosity without ever trapping you in a doomscroll.


Zilia is a medical device company that provides actionable information based on the measurement of biomarkers in the eye to facilitate earlier diagnosis, reduce healthcare costs, and improve the quality of life of patients.

The Peak's Quebec Businesses Giving Back

CapTen Hats

CapTen Hats' objective is to raise awareness concerning the negative effects of overconsumption, all while encouraging the practice of eco-friendly habits. CapTen makes eco-friendly hats and donates 10% of  profits to ocean-cleaning efforts.


GOODEE is a leading curated marketplace offering essential homewares and lifestyle products for better living. Founders, twin brothers Byron and Dexter Peart, believe conscious commerce has the power to transform the world and seek to empower both creators and consumers to create change by championing community, transparency, and sustainability.

Nicolas Bélanger Conférencier

Nicolas was a victim of a head on collision in a car accident caused by a young driver under the influence of alcohol. After being hospitalized for months and spending more than a year doing rehabilitation, he persevered and worked hard towards his recovery. He’s known as someone with a very powerful and motivating testimony who will positively reach any audience. Nicolas will certainly continue to travel and he wants to reach a maximum of schools in order to have a positive impact on as many students as possible.


Näak was founded in 2016 by William Walcker and Minh-Anh Pham, two endurance athletes who competed in the World Triathlon Championships. Together, they launched the company on one guiding principle: maximum energy, minimum resources. With sustainable practices informing every step of their way, Näak has been making a real difference: they’ve reduced at least 160,227 kilograms of greenhouse gases and more than 7,443,650 litres of water and those numbers are climbing every second. As the company continues to grow, the sky’s the limit on the positive impact they can make.


SOUK HABITAT at PVM is a gorgeous, contemporary space that celebrates and promotes Montreal’s design community. Radiating a lived-in feeling, the sprawling space of 9300 sqft extends an intimate retail experience, presenting in context this year’s selected products. Design aficionados can book in-person slots to peruse and shop everything in the shoppable home.